Tandoori Breads

Selection of Indian Breads
*Prices shown are for takeaway, dine-in prices may vary.

Naan buttered

Leavened plain flou bread cooked in tandoor topped with butter.


Garlic Naan

Sprinkled with fresh garlic.


Cheese Naan

Plain flour bread with cheese.


Stuffed Naan

Stuffed with a filling of potatoes and peas.


Panner Kulcha

Naan filled with Indian cheese and spices.


Keema Naan

Naan bread stuffed with mince meat.


Tandorori Roti

Whole what roti.


Tandoori Parantha

Layered bread with butter, fenugreek and coriander cooked in tandoor.


Kashmiri Naan

Naan stuffed with sultanas and nuts.


Cheese and Garlic Naan

Naan stuffed with cheese and sprinkled with fresh garlic ased gravy in Indian style.